BG 800 Review and Problems


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Nov 10, 2020
Hi all,

I am pretty happy to join the Bagotte community, and pretty happy of my BG800 robot vaccum.
I was a little bit afraid before buying it, until positive reviews from internet changed my opinion.

I am very surprised by the quality of the product. The style is modern, glossy black, and make this robot good looking !
We have a pair of shaggy carpets, and iRobot was not well recommended for long pile carpets.

At first start, it went directly on the carpet, and .. WOW, it climbed so easily the 0.5-0.8 cms of the carpet border that i wasn't able to believe it !
How a cheaper vaccum robot can be better than the told "best" iRobot Roomba ? No way, it is better of course !

But, i had some issues :

- If the robot battery fail far away from base, the robot tends to turn around the whole house floor before going to base (sometimes, it doesn't go and shut off before, after multiple tries to go out from a room to another one)
- The moving speed is really fast, too much fast. I think that we may have more cleaning quality and capabilities if the speed was reduced half, the battery can handle easily, less speed means, less need of suction power, the brush doing the work.
- The rotating brush speed is waaaaaay to high, it tends to pull away dust, instead of making it go in the trajectory of the vaccum
- I don't know if this is related to IR sensors, but the vaccum robot "crash" into every furnitures that are BLACK. Even in auto mode, i have a TV furniture, glossy black, and after mapping, remapping, it always crash in it pretty quickly, same for my wood table with black stands.

Some improvements that may be interesting :

- Ability to change moving speed (low, medium, fast) to have a full control of the robot and, for small surfaces, enhance cleaning quality by letting the vaccum take its time to brush.
- Reduce rotating brush speed, it will be efficient even if it's slower. No need to have a tornado pulling dust everywhere instead of give ease for the vaccum to grab it.
- Maybe we can have some reflective stickers in options, that can help IR to be efficient even on black surfaces, where the vaccum seems to crash everytime, without needing to paste magic strip everywhere ?

I am awaiting for the water container to test the water cleaning function, will do a review as soon as i receive it (ordered from France, 2 months to have the pack, until 16 december !!!! Thats's very, very, very far)

Hope to discuss and maybe try some new features, product.

Is there any way to update firmware manually ? Or maye edit some hard functions in the firmware to make some adjustments ?

Thanks for your help.